Nissan signs up to Mobileye’s crowdsourced real-time maps for autonomous cars

Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) platform scored another big win today: Signing up Nissan, the third major automaker to enter an agreement with the company to help build and use its high-precision road maps, which are updated in real time using anonymized, crowdsourced data from cars on the road.

Nissan joins BMW and Volkswagen as REM platform members, and will both use the Global RoadBook maps that result from Mobileye’s system to help its own vehicles navigate and to add redundancy to its forthcoming autonomous driving software. Nissan vehicles will also help contribute to the pool of collective crowdsourced data, which is big for REM because the more vehicles participating, the better the quality of the real-time data that updates the maps across the fleet as soon as changes happen on the road.

Nissan had already been working with Mobileye and REM, with a pilot that extended into Nissan’s London-based self-driving tech demonstrations. REM isn’t the only collab between the two companies, either – Nissan uses Mobileye tech in its ProPILOT ADAS system, for instance.

Mobileye and future owner Intel must be even happier about this new deal, however – with each new automaker that sings up for REM, the platform becomes an even more attractive component for other car companies, and approaches the status of ‘industry standard’ for autonomous vehicle operation.