Netflix to raise $1 billion in foreign debt financing for content and more

Netflix will raise a little over $1 billion (€1 billion) from “non-U.S. persons” via a new senior notes offering, the company said on Monday. The proceeds of the debt sale will be used to help with general capital expenditures, but also funding content acquisitions, investments, and transactions related to executing Netflix’s strategy.

The raise was expected – Netflix said it would seek more debt financing in its first quarter investor letter earlier this month. The streaming company has also regularly sought out funding via sale of senior notes in the past, including an $800 million sale last October, and a $1.5 billion raise in February, 2015.

Making and acquiring original content is expensive, and Netflix has said it will spend around $1 billion on just marketing those shows alone in 2017. The company also has a $6 billion total content budget for 2017, which is among the top content budgets in the entertainment industry at large.