HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ cast hints about upcoming season

They’re back! HBO’s “Silicon Valley” is set to return to television, with the fourth season debuting this Sunday.

We had a chance to watch the first two episodes at the premiere and can confirm that they’re very funny (and filled with TechCrunch references). We also sat down for a video with the stars of the show, and got a few hints about what to expect this year.

Richard branches out on his own outside of Pied Piper and pivots on his own,” Thomas Middleditch said about his character leaving the company he founded. We’ll see some “special stress on the relationship with he and Jared,” the character played by Zach Woods. There’s also “drama between Richard and Dinesh,” Kumail Nanjiani’s role.

Previous seasons of the show follow the trials and tribulations of “Pied Piper,” a startup that changes course multiple times to stay alive. The personalities of the startup characters and also the venture capitalists they encounter are eerily similar to some of the real people in the community here.

Executive Producer Mike Judge, known for past comedies like “Office Space,” “Beavis and Butt-Head” and “Idiocracy,” was inspired by the brief time he spent working in Silicon Valley after college.

While the show definitely has a cult following here in Silicon Valley, we asked them why the story resonates throughout the world.

Everybody uses technology. Everybody uses these apps,” said Nanjiani. It’s “inherently interesting to people to see the behind-the-scenes of how those are apps are made and how they become important and how they come to you.”

Several of the cast members have been inspired to work with startups in real life, with Amanda Crew telling us she’s made a few private investments. Middleditch said he’s particularly enthusiastic about WaterFX and Wright Electric.

They don’t always keep up with tech news, however. When asked if they read TechCrunch, Nanjiani quipped, “Do you want us to say we do?”