Here are the startups in the Disrupt NY featured pavilions

We’re gearing up for a great Disrupt NY and this year we’re pulling out all the stops. Like the pavilions we had in London and San Francisco last year, we are highlighting some of the best startups from 12 distinct categories to exhibit in New York’s Startup Alley plus they will demo their products on our Showcase Stage.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Emoshape Inc – First Emotion Chip for AI and Robots – EPU (Emotion Processing Unit)
  • Alluvium – Mesh Intelligence platform delivers real-time operational insights to operations
  • Syndio – People analytics working at the intersection of HR, big data, machine learning, and relational analytics

E-Commerce & Retail

  • Lensabl – Easy-to-use online tool to get new prescription and custom lenses
  • TaxDrop – Provides more accurate filing by only using licensed Certified Public Accountants
  • TryPaas – People as a service

Fashion & Beauty

FinTech & Payments (includes Investment Platforms)

  • Medean – Monitor your spending against peers your age
  • – Makes insurance for emergencies accessible, simple, and easy to buy
  • Debitize – Combines the perks of credit cards with the discipline of a debit card

Food & Beverage (includes Delivery Services and Agricultural Innovation)

  • xtraCHEF – Invoice processing and a cost management solution for vendor payment in kitchens
  • WythMe, LLC – Companies give clients deals for going to specific restaurants
  • Tixel Labs, Inc. – Inventory management for restaurants

Hardware & IOT (includes Consumer Electronics)

  • TinyPCB – Allows circuit boards to take the shape of any device
  • Smart & Blue – Customer-facing smart solutions for water conservation & management.
  • MiniBrew – Remove the barriers to home brewing excellence

Health & BioTech (includes Women’s Health, Fitness, and Sports)

  • Quantac, Inc. – Wearable biosensor platform that can track alcohol consumption through the skin
  • Open Health Network – Enables rapid development of mobile health apps

Media, Gaming & Entertainment (includes Audio and Video Platforms)

  • Genvid Technologies, Inc. – The first broadcast suite for games, enabling developers to create their own channels
  • Cornea Entertainment – Interactive cinematic comic book episode
  • Overtime – Cross-platform tech startup that’s redefining high school and amateur sports through video

MarCom, SaaS & Advertising (includes communications, marketing, B2B)

  • Mazen – Designed to save SEO specialists time
  • Popwallet – Marketing automation platform that enables brand and retail marketers to create
  • onTarget – Visual collaboration solution for construction industry

Mobility & Transportation

  • MetroTech Net, Inc. – Smart City and Autonomous car focused traffic reduction platform
  • FlyOtto – Easier to charter flights
  • Journey – The impact travel collective

Security & IT

  • CyberCentric – Enterprise-focused cyber security platform
  • Security Platform Inc. – Device Security for IOT and connected devices
  • – Monitors the global Internet and finds the fastest internet routes available

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

  • Holojam – Developing technology that works with VR / AR headsets to enable groups of people who are in the same location to share a mixed reality
  • LightUp – Virtual tutor powered by augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to make a personalized education available to all
  • SpaceoutVR, Inc. – Integrates entertainment, gaming and communications into a personified VR App

If you’ve got a startup and want to exhibit at Disrupt NY, you can still get your Startup Alley exhibitor package here. It comes with 2 general admission tickets and one day to exhibit on the show floor.

Disrupt NY 2017 takes place May 15-17 at New York’s Pier 36. Hope to see you there.

For potential sponsors out there, yes, the feature pavilions are available for sponsorship. For more information, just fill out this form.