Leaked Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer is visually stunning

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neS7NA8CWbM&w=680&h=383]

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars (many people are) then you may also be a fan of this trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II, which just popped up a bit early on Vimeo. The trailer is amazing, showing action-packed sequences rendered using the in-game engine, which seems to be able to deliver top-notch visuals of the variety normally reserved for cutscenes.

Perhaps you played Star Wars: Battlefront when it came out back in 2015, and perhaps you don’t have any really precious lasting memories about the experience. The original was some solid casual fanservice, but few people I knew were blown away by the game. This trailer suggests a more compelling narrative and a new protagonist, so maybe there’s a stronger focus on storytelling and less emphasis on just making super fans feel like they’re participating in the existing stories they know and love.

We should find out more about the game when the trailer makes its official debut during the Star Wars Celebration happening April 13-16 in Orlando.