NASA to reveal new findings around ocean worlds beyond Earth this week

NASA will hold a press conference on Thursday, starting at 2 PM ET, at which it will discuss new discoveries related to ocean worlds found within our solar system. The fresh findings come from the Cassini spacecraft, which was launched in 1997 and arrived at its destination orbiting Saturn in 2004, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

The briefing includes “new discoveries” that “will help inform future ocean world exploration,” according to NASA’s press release. The results of the findings will help with future efforts to locate life outside of Earth – but we should stress here that there’s essentially zero chance this announcement will be at all about the discovery of alien life, as a way of heading off the recurrent frenzy of hype before it happens.

NASA will carry the briefing live, and if you’re lazy you can also just leave this browser tab open since it’ll appear in the live stream embedded below:

That’s 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) on Thursday, April 13. It’s not going to be aliens, but it’ll definitely be interesting, especially if you’re interested in the ongoing search for extraterrestrial life.