How Free Code Camp has attracted 1 million students and harnessed coding education for nonprofits

Education teaches you skills and skills give you power. And these days, a mastery of technology can be the difference between personal liberty and job security and a permanent instability.

While there are several traditional and non-traditional educational programs that are available to get these skills, most of them require tens of thousands of dollars in tuition just to join.

On today’s Breaking Into Startups episode, Harris interviews Quincy Larson, the founder of Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp has created a tuition-free, open-source curriculum that has attracted 1 million students, placed 5,000 entry-level developers, empowered 6,000 experienced developers to level up into better jobs and created the top technical publication on medium.

His remote team of three people did this in two years and also allow schools to use their curriculum free of charge.