Equity podcast: Lyft’s new anti-Uber warchest, and Gene Munster on IPOs and Apple

Welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the financial side of technology.

This week Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley and your servant sat down with Gene Munster, best known for his bullish takes on Apple as an analyst. Munster is now a venture capitalist at Loup Ventures, where he’s a managing partner.

As a group we dug into Lyft’s new half-billion-dollar fundraise and what light it may shed on Uber’s valuation; spent just enough time to properly vet the current crop of tech IPOs — including what could be called a collective shoutout to a certain charismatic CEO; and, of course, talked through what’s new at Apple.

While Munster is a household name in tech as an analyst on the Cupertino beat, he’s got a solid take on the tech markets, which made him a more-than-welcome addition to our squad.

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Editor’s note: Alex Wilhelm is the editor-in-chief of Crunchbase News.