Tesla’s latest Easter Egg is an in-dash sketch pad

The latest Tesla software update brings anticipated new features to Autopilot 2.0 cars, including Summon, which calls your car to you from its parking spot – but it also has a lighter side, as Tesla software updates tend to.

Tesla added a new Easter Egg (a goofy software gag generally slightly hidden from view) to its vehicles with the 8.1 update, and this time it’s a sketch pad. The 17-inch touchscreen that dominates the Tesla Model S center panel is basically already a huge digital surface primed for drawing, so it’s a natural add-on – not counting that most of the time you’re going to be using the screen while driving, of course.

Above, you can see Twitter user and Canadian Tesla owner Nik Jovanovic using the new Easter Egg virtual easel in his car. The choice of subject is excellent, depicting the true power source of the Tesla Model S, and it clearly impressed Elon Musk: The Tesla CEO tweeted this image, along with a rudimentary Mona Lisa, when he revealed the nature of the new Easter Egg himself.

I really do love drawing, and I was saving up for a $3,000 Surface Studio to help indulge that hobby. Maybe I’ll just save up an additional $97,000 or so and get a Tesla instead, since I also like driving –two birds, one stone.