Live from Samsung’s Galaxy S8 press conference

Today’s the main event for Samsung. It’s been well over a year since the company unveiled its last flagship and, well, a lot has happened to the company in the interim. After several months of recalls and some bizarre executive scandals, this is the moment where the company needs to dust itself off and show the world what helped make it such a smartphone powerhouse in the first place.

From the looks of the leaks over the past few months, there’s not likely to be much in the way of surprises — at least so far as the Galaxy S8 and (its rumored bigger sibling) the Galaxy S8+ are concerned. Since Mobile World Congress in February, we’ve seen leaked shots of the handset from all angles, spec sheets and some quick videos.

The handset looks to take the company a step closer to its dream of edge to edge displays, even going so far as ditching the physical home button in the process. And the company has already offered up a fair bit of information on its forthcoming Bixby smart assistant, which enters a crowded market with a few cool tricks.

But Samsung’s never been one to focus on a single product. The company likely has plenty more up its sleeve at today’s event, particularly given how much good will it’s looking to engender among a wary public that’s gotten used to hearing its name over pre-boarding announcements.

We’ll be following along live right here, starting at 8AM on the West Coast and 11AM out east. Stay tuned.