Picture yourself as a space tourist in these Blue Origin capsule interior shots

One of the best parts of writing about transportation tech is that I get to reiterate my desire to go to space – again, for the record, if you’ll have me Blue Origin I would like to go to space. Especially now that I’ve seen the luxuriously appointed interiors of your New Glenn rocket, which are generous with the leather and where every seat is a window seat AND an aisle seat.

These are mock-ups, of course, but they likely are representative of what you can expect in exchange for your $100,000 plus ticket for a 10-minute space ride, as Ars Technica reports. That center unit depicted in the capsule isn’t a cooler, by the way – it’s the escape motor, which Blue Origin tested on its rocket last year, as a means to separate the capsule from its rocket quickly and with a maximum of force in case of emergency.

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I’d have hoped for a panoramic cockpit, but maybe that much transparent surface would have a hard time withstanding the forces the New Glenn will be up against. Or maybe that’s just a very expensive upgrade option, like it is on luxury cars, too.