Garmin announces a new watch just for runners and those who think they are runners

Garmin is back again with the Forerunner 935, a runner-specific sport watch with GPS, heart rate, and compatibility with the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod that offers further information about your speed, gait, and how often you double over in absolute agony as your unexercised organs scream from inside their fleshy fastnesses.

The 935 also helps manage training with the TrainingPeaks app and can help you watch other friends run with the GroupTrack system. You can also track friends with the LiveTrack app.

The watch runs for 24 in GPS mode and 50 hours in “battery saver” mode. It lasts two weeks in “watch” mode without activating the exercise features. The watch costs $499 and the watch with a tri-athlon kit including the HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim kits costs $649. It’s a nice marriage of style and functionality and I look forward to it recording another one of my truncated, gasping runs as I try, uselessly, to become less of a slob.