Hyperloop One says it could replace all air freight among GCC countries

Hyperloop One is putting a finer point on the business opportunity it believes it has in the Middle East, with a presentation made today during the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit in Abu Dhabi. The company thinks it can soak up around $12 billion of the total $35 billion annual cargo market in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, including all of the current $7 billion air freight market.

There’s also around 22 percent of the surface freight market available, which Hyperloop One says makes up a $3 billion opportunity, and around 13 percent of the business currently handled by maritime transportation, which is another $2 billion. H1 has stated in the past that its early business will be led by commercial cargo operations, which will precede and support efforts to eventually move people across long distances with extreme speed.

As part of its efforts at the Summit, H1 also introduced its new Hyperloop One Partner Program, a streamlined mechanism for it to enlist a range of different partners, across industries and specialities. these include people like influencers, who have input in transportation policy and market decision, consultants, solutions providers and tech experts.

A route from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is still on the docket as the first planned commercial installation for Hyperloop One. A foothold in the region, provided everything delivers as promised, will help significantly in its efforts to take on that larger market opportunity it spelled out today.