PlayStation 4 Pro’s Media Player gets 4K MP4 video support

The PlayStation 4 Pro just got an update that makes it an even better companion for a 4K TV set. An update to the native PlayStation Media Player app will enable 4K video playback, for files in mp4 format saved on either a USB drive or kept in a home server the PS4 Pro hardware con communicate with.

Not that if you’ve got a drive attached to your PS4 Pro that’s formatted to act as an extended drive for storing your PS4 games and apps can’t also host videos for your PlayStation to play back, but thumb drives with standard formatting for shuttling media back and forth from your console will work.

The update to the Media Player will also allow for the playback of 4K VR video content, but this is going to be down sampled to 1080p video because of PSVR’s native resolution limitations. Sony says this will still appear better compared to standard HD VR videos, however.

PS4 Pro also already supports 4K streaming from Netflix, YouTube and Hulu via those apps on the platform, so this is a strong contender for the best all-around 4K companion for your ultra HD TV.