Watch the Tesla Model 3 release candidate take its first drive

Tesla’s hyping its Model 3 ahead of its launch later this year, when it’s set to start shipping to early pre-order customers. Company CEO Elon Musk posted the above to Twitter, showing the “release candidate” of the car taking its first drive. An RC candidate, in software terms, is the final version prior to public launch, which means that Tesla is probably very close to spinning up its production lines.

The clip above doesn’t show much, but it does show a car, with all car-like essentials apparently working, and what looks like poppy acceleration speed. The car is Tesla’s $35,000 electric vehicle with a minimum of 215 miles promised by the company; production is set to kick off in earnest in July.

Musk tweeted earlier on Friday that customers shouldn’t expect it to leapfrog the Model S in terms of tech — it’s cheaper for a reason. Still, there’s lots to get excited about given its promised specs.