Adobe launches its Advertising Cloud to manage ads across search, social and TV

Over the years, Adobe has been looking for ways to improve the measurement and management of ads that appear on the Internet. Today at its big Adobe Summit event in Las Vegas, the company is launching its Advertising Cloud platform to help brands and advertisers optimize spend across a variety of channels.

The launch of Advertising Cloud builds on work Adobe had been growing through its Marketing Cloud segment. Starting with the acquisition of Omniture back in 2009, the company has added a number of analytics, media optimization and content management features to its product suite.

The announcement also comes just a few months after Adobe closed its acquisition of video ad company TubeMogul. With that purchase, the company was able to add the ability to manage video ads and even linear TV to its feature set.

Advertising Cloud will bring together much of that, giving advertisers and brands a single dashboard through which they can manage and optimize spend across search, display, social and video channels.

In the increasingly fragmented advertising world, Adobe thinks it can provide unprecedented visibility into how campaigns are performing in all places where ads appear. Rather than relying on multiple point solutions for different marketing channels, they will have cross-channel support.

According to Brett Wilson, who was CEO of Tubemogul and now VP and general manager of Adobe Advertising Cloud, that will enable advertisers to buy Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snap video ads and linear TV all at once.

While the platform helps optimize spend across multiple channels, Adobe thinks it can also help optimize the ads themselves. By tying into its Creative Cloud, the company says it can create personalized ads through a dynamic creative optimization product.

Already, Adobe manages more than $3.5 billion in ad spend a year, with brands like Allstate, Ford, Liberty Mutual, MGM and Southwest Airlines using its platform. But there’s a huge opportunity ahead, particularly in the addition of TV advertising.