Rock Pamper Scissors, the hairdresser booking app backed by Seedcamp and 500 Startups, shutters

Rock Pamper Scissors, the London-based hairdresser booking app backed by Seedcamp and 500 Startups, has closed its doors. According to a holding page that has replaced the entrance to the site, the startup has “ceased trading”.

“We’d like to personally thank everyone involved, whether you used our site to book or were one of our partners, for giving us the chance to learn how to build a business in this space. We didn’t quite nail it this time, but we gave it a good shot,” writes Rock Pamper Scissors.

Founded in 2015 by Just Eat’s former CMO Mat Braddy, Rock Pamper Scissors’ mobile app came straight out of the marketplace playbook by letting you browse and book local hairdressers with the emphasis on individual stylists rather than the salons themselves.

It did this by integrating with salon software to provide customers with real-time availability for each stylist, and of course the ability to make a booking. You were also able to browse the portfolios of each stylist to help make the best choice of whom to book.

Along with Seedcamp and 500 Startups, Rock Pamper Scissors also counted a number of angels as investors, including Tom Singh (the founder of New Look), former Just Eat CEO David Buttress, and Mat Braddy himself.

Update: 500 Startups’ Matt Lerner gave me the following statement: “We’ve backed 1,800 startups around the world. These are bold crazy ideas and it’s not uncommon for them to go out of business. It’s been a sincere pleasure working with Bertie [Cordingley, Rock Pamper Scissors’ MD], Mat and their team. Mat is one of our most popular mentors in London. Bertie is a gifted leader and entrepreneur and I’ve already told him I’m looking forward to seeing his next business!”

Update 2: Rock Pamper Scissors founder Mat Braddy issued the followng statement:

As founders you have a duty to assess the progress of a project at regular intervals. RPS has had great times of growth however in recent times it was unfortunately not hitting the targets we had set it. We had the option of raising more money on the table however, after a lot of thought and debate the team concluded that they wouldn’t be able to meet the goals they had set within the time frame of that funding. As such we all felt the right thing to do was to stop now rather than risk investors money further. The team is highly talent and bursting with ideas for other businesses which we all look forward to seeing and supporting.

We remain convinced that the correct way to build a marketplace in the salon space is to be talent focused rather than business focused but alas we were not able to fully realise that vision. Good luck to the next team that tries – it’s a huge £4bn UK market and will move online when someone cracks it.