Apple releases new ad with real-life iMessage stickers

Apple just published a new video ad on its YouTube channel. I’ve been writing about recent Apple ads because they’ve been a bit more creative than your average consumer electronics ad. This time is no exception as Apple created a city-wide sticker fight.

With iOS 10, Apple introduced stickers into iMessage. You can now install apps directly from the Messages app and add stickers to your messages. Compared to other messaging apps, you can combine them and add stickers to an existing text message — you just need to drag and drop it into the messaging area.

My favorite sticker app is Sticker Pals, but this ad showcases dozens of different sticker packs. So there’s something for everybody.

And yet, very few people know that you can combine multiple stickers. Apple ads aren’t just a marketing vehicle. They are also a way to teach hundreds of millions of users about features they might not know about.

When Tim Cook keeps mentioning customer satisfaction, it also comes down to the company’s communication strategy. By making you discover all the little things that differentiate the iPhone from Android phones, Apple keeps reinforcing the idea that customers made the right choice when they opted for an iPhone.

So this brings us to today’s ad. It’s a cheerful ad filled with teenagers running around and slapping stickers on people, food and objects. It is turning a boring messaging app into a pop culture symbol — are you team blue bubbles or team green bubbles?