PassivDom is a Zombie-proof “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house”

It’s rare that I quote a company’s marketing tagline outright, but PassivDom, makers of an “autonomous 3D-printed mobile house,” sounds pretty darn rad. The Ukrainian company wants to create mobile homes that can be made anywhere and are completely self-powered.

Max Gerbut, a Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences of physics of the solid state, built the houses in the Ukraine and is working on spreading the word. He invested €200,000 of his own cash in the project and they’re looking for investment in their wacky, and potentially world-saving, project.

“PassivDom is the world’s first mobile and transportable house with Passive House parameters,” said Gerbut. “Due to the use of advanced materials and unique developments by our engineers, PassivDom has the highest thermal performance among residential buildings. The walls of PassivDom are as warm as brick. Thermal characteristics are high enough to use 20 times less energy than an ordinary building. That’s why it is possible to realize full off-grid autonomy in a cold climate without complex and expensive engineering heating system.”

The first model, the modulOne, includes solar panels that power the climate control system, a clean water system that takes moisture from the air and an air quality control system that includes carbon dioxide control. The frame is made of 3D-printed carbon fiber and fiberglass, and the entire house is recyclable.

There are three models, from ultra-simple to fully autonomous. The Autonomous house is 36 square meters and costs €59,900 to pre-order. There is already a model in Ukraine and they have a few thousand folks already on the waitlist for the houses. Luckily the team doesn’t take itself too seriously. They also offer a special “Zombie apocalypse” package that includes armored glazing, an alarm system, extra toilet paper storage and a bible.

While the whole thing could be a pie-in-the-sky fantasy, it seems they have a real model built already and all of the technology is feasible. I, for one, look forward to spending my time in a zombie-proof passive house in the middle of the taiga.