The Sonos Playbase sits comfortably under your TV

While all-in-one soundbars are popular with folks who have their TVs mounted to the wall, what about the few and the brave who have their TVs standing on a table? These people have been thus far out of luck when it came to Sonos but, I’m pleased to report, their luck just changed.

The Playbase (or PLAYBASE) is an all-in-one wireless speaker system designed to sit under a TV. This $699 device is 58 mm or about two inches thick and contains 10 separate drivers – six midrange, three tweeters, and one woofer – as well as ten digital amplifiers. It can pair with other Sonos devices for surround sound and bass or you can let it handle your TV and gaming audio alone.

Sonos claims this “is equal parts TV speaker and music speaker” which means you’ll be able to listen to your Apple Music or Spotify and your movies. It has a single digital audio input and a power cable.

Sonos has long been the gold standard for whole home wireless audio and this device does not replace but augments their already impressive Playbar – an all-in-one bar designed for hanging TVs. Because the Playbase can support up to 75 pounds you can slap any TV you want on there excepting, of course, grandma’s old CRT. It’s an interesting addition to the Sonos lineup and one that shows the company’s move towards whole-home media as opposed to focusing on wireless music.

The Playbase was announced today and will ship in April.