Samsung will be giving smartphones another try on March 29

After the corporate garbage fire that was the Note 7 reveal, Samsung has been left with a smartphone business with far less certain success in its future. After months of awful press and the worst PR shit storm we’ve seen in years, Samsung is ready to give its smartphone line a new messiah.

In the midst of their Mobile World Congress keynote, the company sent out invites to its Unpacked event, which we’re learning will be held March 29 in NYC. The event will be held at 11am EST at the Lincoln Center in NYC. The invitation for the event came with the tagline, “Unbox your phone” along with an image of an outline of a box with rounded corners, presumably the shape of the new Galaxy S8 which is expected to be announced.

Last year, Samsung took to the stage at Mobile World Congress and shared an impressive amount of product news, highlighting especially the next generation of their Galaxy smartphone line. This year, a phone announcement was conspicuously absent as Samsung works to produce a product that can save its mobile handset line.