LG’s new phone to launch eventually, cost money

LG just announced a new phone. It’s like the last one but slightly better looking, a bit faster, and it will be available sometime and cost money to buy it.

The company took the wraps off the phone during a press conference at a trade show. There was pop music, teleprompters and a long PowerPoint presentation.

At one point during the presentation, a company executive described the screen. Another talked about the camera. Both are better than the screen and camera in the previous model.

The company talked about the screen aspect ratio, battery life and case material.

The phone will launch soon, LG says. It will probably cost money. The company apparently didn’t think it was necessary to say when or how much. I guess LG thought those details were not important.

Without mentioning price or launch date, LG is leaving out key context about the phone and are playing a game with the media, attempting to game the system and coax out extra attention. LG has done this for years.