SocialWall aims to be a smarter way for brands to display social media mentions

Born out of technology designed to help price a musician or band’s live performance, based on their social media presence, SocialWall aims to be a smarter way for brands to display social media mentions at events or in venues. Like so many social media management products, the promise is less noise and more signal.

The scenario is a familiar one: an emcee gets up on stage and announces the hashtag for the event. Something like #ohear2017, before commanding that the audience, either in person or via the live stream, gets tweeting. Or Instagramming. Or Thefacebooking. Or whatever it is the cool kids are using these days.

The problem is, of course, that without employing a team of social media managers to edit what goes on display, a brand risks losing control of the conversation. And that must never be allowed to happen. Ever.

Supporting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Slack, SocialWall’s algorithm claims to be able to bubble up the best or most brand appropriate content, by taking into account things like who posted the content, how influential they are, how much engagement the post is already getting (likes, retweets, comments etc.), sentiment, and even image quality if an image is included.

It’s this scoring technology, which gives each social media mention, author and image a score of 1-10, that the founder of My Band Market, the French startup behind SocialWall, reckons sets its social wall solution apart from other products on the market.

“Companies today struggle in engaging their target audience. Whilst they understand that employing their user generated content is one of the most effective forms of advertising, they don’t have the tools to amplify their online visibility in complete security,” says My Band Market founder and CEO Quentin Lechemia.


“ offers a complete package to companies looking to interact with their community. Our customizable templates – available for any screen – boost engagement by encouraging viewers to become online brand ambassadors. Our AI and scoring algorithms, moderation interface and analytics reports are the backbones of a product that lends our customers ultimate online power”.

“Ultimate online power” is probably overstating it a bit. Okay, overstating it a lot. But, along with a smart algorithm to help ensure the best content goes on display, SocialWall lets you manually filter out posts based on keyword, language, and user.

As you’d expect, analytics are included, too, and there’s a neat feature that lets you effectively embed a ‘social wall’ on your brand’s website, in addition to having it populate a screen on display in-venue.

“We offer [companies the] ability to boost reach, control the messages around their brand and most importantly, measure return on investment,” adds Lechemia. “’s expertise resides in AI, Big Data, Deep Learning and interactive design. We are the first intelligent social media wall that knows what content to publish when”.