Google’s Tilt Brush lands on Oculus Rift

Do you dig getting creative in virtual reality? Well, your options for doing so got a little less limited today, as Google has made Tilt Brush available on Oculus Rift. The virtual painting application was previously an HTC Vive exclusive, but now that Rift has its Touch Controllers for more natural interaction, Google has decided to bring Tilt Brush to the Facebook-owned VR platform.

The controls are customized to Touch Controllers, and the fully touch sensitive hardware means you’ll get tooltips just from resting your fingers on the various buttons on the Oculus input device. Brushes also take advantage of the Oculus headphones to provide interesting sound effects that work in immersive surround mode, meaning you can hear what you’re painting as you’re working.

I tied out the new Rift version of Tilt Brush for just a few minutes, but even from that very light interaction it feels like a more mature version of the original that I remember using on HTC Vive. Oculus has its own creative sketching and sculpting applications for the Rift, but this is a nice addition, especially for virtual artists who might be coming over to Rift from the HTC hardware thanks to the introduction of Touch Controllers.

Tilt Brush is $29.99 in the Oculus store.