It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in VR is totally and completely badass

Badass is not generally a word associated with VR, but when FX wanted to bring viewers into the ridiculous world of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to experience Mac’s serial video autobiography, “Project Badass,” they did so in virtual reality.

For fans of the FX show, you’ll know Project Badass as Mac’s misguided attempt to prove to himself and his “friends” that he is, in his words, “totally and completely badass.” The videos generally involve him duct taping sparklers to his leather jacket as he navigates motorbike stunts off ramps built from cardboard, plywood and mattresses.

Project Badass VR puts you on the back of Mac’s motorbike as you prepare for a stunt that will most certainly leave you dead. Check it out below in Chrome of Firefox, or get the fully immersive experience in the Jaunt app on a VR headset.

Jaunt partnered with the team at Always Sunny to create the 360-degree experience for the show. For Always Sunny fans, this experience is almost a mini episode with all of the hallmarks of each of the characters in the gang’s trademark awfulness on full display.

Frank is there sharing a snow cone with a stripper who starts gyrating raunchily to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk as he stand staring inches away from her. Dee is there to assure you that you will soon be dead, while Dennis admits that while you’re not “his type of attractive,” there must be someone out there who would love you. Charlie is there being just as unreliable as ever.

It’s a short, funny clip but it’s also shot extremely well by Jaunt and FX, and it really shows how far this sort of bite-sized content has come in the past few years. While being on the back of a motorcycle in a VR experience sounds like a recipe for getting sick, the stunt is shot in a way that keeps you immersed in the moment without getting caught up in motion sickness.

Check out the flick on the platform of your choice here.