Nissan’s X-Wing Rogue is the crossover SUV the galaxy needs right now

Nissan has a Star Wars-themed version of its Rogue SUV that capitalizes on its name’s relation to Star Wars, and Rogue One in particular. The full-size modified vehicle adds exterior ‘engines’ and a custom paint job to create a Rogue that looks like something out of my fever dreams (I own a Rogue and I love Star Wars).

Here’s what I love about this: They cared enough to add fake weathering and scoring to the paint job, which results in something approximating the “lived in” nature of the Star Wars universe. Also, the R2 unit poking out the top, which I will do my utmost best to recreate at home using the tools available to me.

The X-Wing Rogue debuted at the Chicago Auto Show this week, along with two limited edition Star Wars variants of the Rogue, which basically include special decals, badging and a full-size Death Trooper helmet for collectors, or for protecting your dome as you storm planets I suppose.

The X-Wing version is not a real trim option. sadly, but if it was that would be my next vehicle. If it was I WOULD ALREADY OWN IT AND NO FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE COULD STOP ME.

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