Revue Discover helps you find and subscribe to more awesome personal newsletters

Dutch startup Revue, which offers a tool to create and send your own personal newsletter, is launching a new product today to make it easier to discover other newsletters to subscribe to.

Described as a “highly curated” directory, Revue Discover sees the young company index over 200 of the best non-marketing email newsletters, as picked by its own staff, and made browsable by topic. The content of each newsletter issue is also automatically tagged to support Revue Discover’s search functionality.

“This project is inspired by our passion for personal newsletters that we’ve been collecting for a while,” says co-founder and CEO Martijn de Kuijper. “We simply admire writers who cover niche topics in great detail. We love the intimacy of seeing these notes arriving in our inboxes directly from our favorite authors”.

What’s also interesting is that the first batch of newsletters to make the cut include many not powered by Revue itself, but run on competing email newsletter services or software.

These include one of my personal favorites: Bob Lefsetz’s “The Lefsetz Letter,” a daily email that addresses issues related to the music industry. You’ll also find “Steve’s ITK,” my own humble take on the weekly newsletter, which is powered by Revue.

“With Discover we want to show the world which awesome newsletters are out there, regardless which platform is used to send them,” adds de Kuijper.

The longer term plan is for Revue Discover to become an extensive source of newsletters, and Kuijper says the team are adding more titles to the directory but will always remain “picky”. A future product update will see new ways to discover newsletters, including functionality to filter and “value” them.

“So, for example, we’re looking at creating lists ordered by content originality or by how much a newsletter links to its own website, etc. We’ll also be adding more meta-data like author bios, frequency, and user ratings/reviews,” he says.