Apple’s long-delayed Beats X wireless earbuds launch February 10

Just ahead of the holidays, Apple announced the further delay of its Beats X wireless earbuds, pushing their launch back to an unspecified time in February. Meantime, the company managed to get its also (if less) delayed AirPods out the door and scored some pretty solid reviews in the process.

The company may have taken some wind out of the W1 chip-powered tethered buds, but now they’re finally ready for retail. Apple confirmed with us today that Beats X are set to officially arrive in a few days, hitting retail on February 10. And, just for kicks, they’ll also be available in blue and gray, in addition to the already announced black and white.

The earbuds charge via Lightning and promise about eight hours of life. The cable is “Flex-Form” to better adhere to the wearer’s neck and sports a button that triggers Siri. The buds themselves also feature magnets that snap them together when hung around the neck.

Like the PowerBeats3 and AirPods, the big news for iPhone users is the W1 chip, which makes for super-easy pairing with other Apple devices. Of course, the headphones are compatible with non-Apple phones as well, but to less impressive effect.

They’re hitting Apple’s stores and site priced at $150.