Alan and PayFit hook up so that your health insurance and payroll work together

Two French startups liked each other so much that they’re now starting to see a future working together. PayFit wants to modernize the good old paychecks in France, while Alan wants to turn health insurance into software-as-a-service. If your company plans on using both, those two services now have a deep integration.

The funny thing about this story is that I’ve covered both companies already, and even wrote that Alan should work with PayFit to make it easier to sign up to the two services. I’m sure both companies had already been thinking about this integration well before I suggested it as it makes a lot of sense.

France has a public-private model for health insurance — French social security pays for part of your expenses while private insurance companies pay for the rest. Alan is one of those private companies.

The startup is providing a health plan with everything you’d expect from a modern health insurance company today — you can sign up on the web, manage your team in a few clicks. Your employees can check their reimbursements on their dashboard.

But the best part is that it’s a huge market as French companies are now required to offer a health insurance plan to all their employees and pay for at least 50 percent of the premium — so that’s tens of millions of potential customers. And you can see how much your health insurance costs on your paycheck.

On the other side, PayFit handles all your HR needs. With a simple web interface, HR managers and employees can manage sick days, vacation, bonuses, expenses and meal vouchers. Employees all have a personal account where they can see all their paychecks.

As you can see, there’s a lot of overlapping here. PayFit customers need to input information about the company’s health insurance, and all Alan customers need to manage their payroll too.

So now, you can go to your company’s Alan dashboard and log into your PayFit account. After that, all your Alan information will automatically appear on your PayFit documents.

And it works the other way too. You can also go to PayFit’s health insurance page. The startup tells you that you can sign up to Alan if you’re looking for a health insurance. This integration could create a lot of leads for both companies.

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