Dive back into the creepy 80s with Netflix’s Stranger Things 2 teaser

Netflix is previewing the follow-up season to one of its most surprising and appealing hits, the eerie and bizarre Stranger Things. Stranger Things 2 isn’t going to land until Halloween 2017, but during the Super Bowl, we got our first peek at what our friends in Hawkins are up to next.

The whole trailer starts with some archival Eggo waffle commercial footage, just to get you in the proper mind space to enjoy the retro thrills and chills that only Stranger Things can offer. There’s also a Ghostbusters reference when the group of buddies at the center of the plot don the franchise’s signature costumes, which¬†backs up that 1984 time setting we heard about previously, since that’s the year the original movie hit theaters.

Based on the trailer, the second series of Stranger Things will match the first in terms of atmosphere and throwback appeal, but it looks like the stakes are graver in terms of what they’re up against.