Breaking into startups: Idalin Bobe’s journey from North Philly to ThoughtWorks

Growing up in one of the poorest zip codes in the U.S., Idalin Bobe wanted to bring change and put social justice in the forefront of her community.

Throughout her journey from North Philly to Cali, Bobe was guided by the belief that she could bring the resources and opportunities technology affords the affluent back to her own neighborhood.

Today, Bobe works as a Senior IT consultant at ThoughtWorks, which is known for having the toughest screening and interview process out of all tech companies.

She is also part of ThoughtWork’s social justice team working as a tech activist where she is bringing computer education to the folks on the front lines fighting for justice and organize community-driven leaders around the world in efforts addressing the needs of black and brown people.

Bobe has partnered with different organizations such as Black Girls Code, Qeyno Labs, and #YesWeCode in her aim of making an impact on the world through computer and security education.