WinkBeds’ new mattress has built-in heating and cooling

WinkBeds, a direct-to-consumer mattress company that competes with other mattress startups like Casper and Tufts & Needle, is launching a mattress with built-in heating and cooling functionality.

The device is called CoolControl, and is actually sits below WinkBeds’ mattress in lieu of a box spring. Each base contains four fans that work to suck in air from your bedroom.

These fans have built-in copper plates that either warm or cool the air depending on the temperature set by the sleeper. There is also a base unit which plugs into the fans and collects the temperature commands – which can be programmed using a wireless remote or iOS app. The whole setup is powered by one power cord, which the company says uses about the same amount of electricity as a table lamp.

This warm or cool air is then propelled up to the top of the mattress to change the temperature of the bed’s surface. The fans and temperature control can work together or separately, so one side of the bed could receive cool air while the other side receives warm.

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The benefit of this system is that it’s not bulky – everything is inside the mattress and CoolControl box spring, meaning it looks like a regular bed – a big benefit when compared to devices like the BedJet, which require you to set up large fans on the floor of your bedroom.

At full power, CoolControl can lower the temperature of your bed 10 degrees or raise it 30 degrees.

The mattresses and cooling base will come in full, queen and king – and run anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. A queen mattress and cooling base will set you back $3,499. At this price it’s obviously much more expensive than a regular mattress – as a comparison, a non-cooling Casper mattress and box spring will cost you $1,200. But if you have extra cash to spend and are too lazy to just get up and adjust your thermostat, this mattress may be for you.