Twitter’s Blackbirds launch bot for Black History Month

Twitter’s employee resource group for African-Americans, Blackbirds, is launching a Twitter bot for Black History Month. The group is the first ERG at Twitter to use the tool, which Twitter launched in November.

To chat with the bot, all you have to do is direct message @Blackbirds. From there, the bot will tell you one of four things: a today in #BlackHistory fact, a community event in cities like New York, San Francisco or Atlanta (#ForTheCause), tips on #SelfCare or notable moments and content from prominent black people on Twitter (#ForTheCulture).

But based on the way Blackbirds designed the bot, people will only be able to interact via quick replies, as all of the answers have been pre-loaded. If people respond with something racist, the bot won’t recognize it as a valid response.

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#ForTheCulture is the official theme for Twitter’s celebration of Black History Month, which Twitter says intends to be inclusive and optimistic, and highlight black American changemakers from our past and present.

Twitter is also relaunching the #BlackHistoryMonth and #BHM emoji, plans to organize employee-led events throughout the country and plans to dedicate its #WallForACause at its NYC office to black culture.