Cardlife is yet another SaaSsy management tool

Now that we’ve collectively signed up for billions of dollars of unused SaaS subscriptions it’s time to subscribed to a tool that helps us manage those subscriptions. Enter Cardlife, another player in the exciting world of SaaS management.

“SaaS management,” you say. “Isn’t that just for the rich and famous?” No! The company manages over $4.7 million in SaaS products monthly and they cater to all sizes of business, from corporations to small businesses. They are working in 35 countries and have been able to scale to $56 million yearly.

“90 percent of businesses don’t know how many subscriptions they have and what they are paying for because SaaS is designed to be forgotten.,” said the founder Tzachi Davidovich. “With our technology, we scan your accounts and automatically find all your subscriptions for you. We are building intelligence and analytics to optimize spending with real time overcharge alerts and auto- detect duplications.”

The team has a secret plan: they’re also creating a SaaS directory that recommends products that may be cheaper or better than current offerings. This means they can make money two ways – by slashing SaaS products you don’t use and selling you new, better ones.

While not all of us will become powerful enough to warrant a SaaS management system isn’t it nice to know that, as we rise to the heights of fame, wealth, and renown, we can simply wave a bejeweled hand and services like Cardlife will help us manage our Github subscription?