Juniper Square launches its all-in-one real estate investment management platform

Juniper Square is a new web-based service for commercial real estate investment managers and the individual investors they work with. The service, which the company worked on for the last two years and trialed with major firms like Beacon Capital, The Reliant Group, and Cortland Partners, is now generally available.

The idea behind Juniper Square is to give the investment managers an easier, more modern way to work with the individual real estate investors. The service includes tools for managing the initial fundraising and the actual investments, for example, as well as for providing reports to the individual investors. This means it’s essentially a combination of a CRM and accounting tool, backed by a secure data storage service that is up to SEC standards. You can think of it as a complete back-office system for real estate investment management, but the company also notes that one of its marquee features is a personalized dashboard for helping investors keep up with their money.


While the real estate industry is quickly modernizing (or going through a “digital transformation” as the folks at analyst firms like Gartner would put it), many parts of the industry still rely mostly on pen, paper, and Excel.

During the trial period, Juniper Square helped its partners to manage almost 20,000 investment positions and over $25 billion in capital.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Alex Robinson told me that his company has raised an outside funding round but isn’t currently disclosing its investors yet. He did note, however, that they include both seed-stage tech investors and strategic investors from the real estate industry.

As for why he and his co-founders were interested in the real estate investment industry, Robinson noted that he had “a long time passion for real estate investment as an interest outside of my work, and so it was through my direct experience as an investor in real estate private equity firms that we were inspired to build technology to fix the problem.” He also added that most people in tech don’t have much exposure to the real estate market. “I think that most people in technology don’t have much exposure to real estate outside of buying/selling their home or leasing their apartment, and most in real estate don’t know how to develop technology,” he said. “We were unique in having a foot planted in both worlds.”