Google partners with Cloudflare and TripleLift to improve AMP ads

Google is making a number of ad partner announcements around its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format today. The idea behind AMP is to speed up the mobile web experience for users and it’s no secret that ads play a major role in making regular mobile (and desktop) pages load slowly. With AMP ads, Google and its partners aim to make ads load fast again.

The new partners Google is announcing today are native ad network TripleLift and performance and security company Cloudflare.

For a native ad network like TripleLift, adding AMP support was probably a no-brainer and the company is now trialing this project with Time Inc. The company says its research shows that its AMP ads load about six times faster than regular pages and are three times lighter. “AMP ads represent an opportunity to fix key issues with regards to ad experiences on the web,” Time Inc VP of Digital Revenue, Strategy and Operations Kavata Mbondo said in a statement today. “In our tests with TripleLift, AMP ads are already more viewable, up 13% from standard ads on AMP pages. We’ve also seen corresponding improvements in CTRs and eCPMs.”


As a security company, Cloudflare is approaching AMP ads from a different direction. It is launching Firebolt today, a new ad verification and optimization service. AMP ads — unlike regular ads — need to be verified by an authorized signing service before they can appear on an AMP page. Cloudflare is now one of these verification services. The ads will also use Cloudflare’s AMP cache to deliver them faster.