Elon Musk seeks “specific amendments” to recommend to Trump on immigration order

Elon Musk is asking for people to recommend “specific amendments” Trump and the White House should make to the executive order issues on Friday regarding immigration and barring entry for people seeking refugee status. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is a member of Trump’s economic advisory council, and he said via Twitter that he will be looking to build consensus within that group about what changes to make to the order, so that he can present them to Donald Trump as recommendations for change.

Musk made comments on Saturday regarding the ban, noting that it is “not the best way to address the country’s challenges,” a statement which was later echoed by Tesla’s own official comment on the matter. Musk also noted that many impacted by the ban “don’t deserve to be rejected,” replied to a Canadian-Iranian dual citizen that it “is not” fair that said individual might not be allowed to enter the U.S. under these new rules, despite previously encountering no difficulties with border transit.

In a discussion with Gizmodo last week regarding his willingness to work directly with the Trump administration, and his vocal support of nominee Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, Musk noted that his interest in being close to Trump lies with being one of the “voices of reason” that he encounters, pointing out that Trump has not responded well to open defiance or protest. This would seem to be a continuation of that strategy: Musk clearly believes a seat at the table is the best way to steer Trump to correct the mistakes evident in this executive order.

Understandably, a large number of responses thus far to Musk’s request have simply suggested that Trump repeal the order in its entirety.

Musk is set to meet with Trump during an economic advisory council meeting this coming Friday, which will also be attended by Uber CEO and fellow council member Travis Kalanick, who has also stated publicly that he will present concerns regarding the order to Trump. Musk is also a member of Trump’s manufacturing advisory council.