The League brings its picky dating app to Android

The League, the dating app known for its exclusivity, has now officially launched on Android.

The company has been accused of elitism, though founder and CEO Amanda Bradford has said her vision is more about creating a service that welcomes ambitious women. The app still makes users apply to join, and it screens them based on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, but it also redesigned last year with a bigger focus on events and community.

The startup started out focused on iOS, but for the past four months, it’s been beta testing on Android. It’s now officially launched its Android app in each of The League’s cities — San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C.

“By design, The League’s target demographic is incredibly small ­— we’re only accepting 10-­20% of users who sign up,” Bradford said in the launch release. “Opening up to Android allows us to double our user base without lowering our acceptance standards, while also increasing diversity of our user base. We can also now finally expand internationally ­— something we plan to do this spring.”

Judging from those beta testers, Android users on The League are a lot nicer than their iOS counterparts. The company says those users reply 76 percent more often, ghost people 63 percent less often and turn their online matches into offline dates 24 percent more often. Though maybe that’s because the initial batch of users was just super-excited to finally join?

You can download the Android app here.