Myst arrives on Android, Riven to follow soon

If you are of a certain age you will grin at the sound of the world “Myst,” recalling the game that originally debuted in 1993 and enthralled computer gamers with its weird, atmospheric puzzles and amazing (for the time) graphics. Riven came not too long after, debuting in 1997 and spanned five CDs. Myst is available on Android today, via both the Google Play and Amazon App stores, and Riven will be following with a release on the mobile platform soon.

The game is arriving on Google’s mobile OS courtesy of a partnership between Cyan, the original studio behind Myst, and Noodlecake, the Canadian mobile developer behind Super Stickman Golf and more. The game on Android is officially called realMyst (maybe to emphasize that it’s the legit port version?) and includes not only every original Age from Myst, but also the Rime Age content released later as an expansion.

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It also has Bluetooth controller support, and works with Nvidia Shield for big-screen play. The game includes the original score, too, and has intuitive touchscreen controls. There are built-in interaction guides, and a save and restore feature which will be much-appreciated by original players. Plus, there’s a hint guide built-in, which I guess will replace sitting at the computer with your dad poring over the huge paper tome that came with the original trying to solve its often very challenging puzzles.

I’m all for some nostalgic time travel, so very excited to dive back in and see how Myst holds up after all these years on the platforms I use today.