Trump ditched his Android phone and probably won’t give you his new number

Trump’s an unorthodox sort with, by most accounts, a fairly tenuous grasp on modern technologies. Until relatively recently, there was a seemingly open question regarding whether the soon-to-be sworn in leader of the free world ever actually used a computer.

But the guy loves his smartphone. Since the campaign, Trump has relied fairly heavily on an Android handset for sending out contentious tweets at all hours. Also, if you happen to have the guy’s number, it’s reportedly been shockingly easy to get him on the phone, whether you’re a reporter, business associate or world leader.

How the new administration would handle things has been something of an open question. Trump has apparently been reluctant to surrender the device for fear of being cut off from the outside world, while his staff has likely been pulling its collective hair out over an inability to vet the messages he sends out into the world.

But apparently Trump ditched the device when he arrived in Washington earlier this week ahead of the inauguration. The New York Times is reporting that he’s traded up for an unnamed Secret Service-approved encrypted device. What’s more, it’s got a number that “few people possess.”

So, for now, any plan to make small talk about the imminent president’s cameo in the second Home Alone film or the real-world threat grizzly bears pose to our nation’s schools will probably have to be put on hold for the time being.