Sony brings support for 360-degree YouTube video to PlayStation VR

Sony’s virtual reality headset has offered some form of support for 360-degree YouTube content since around Christmas time of last year, but as Engadget points out, things have been pretty spotty at best. The update was only being rolled out to select users, and the video experience was less than ideal, thanks to resolutions that didn’t quite live up to the full 360-degree experience.

This week, however, Sony has released an update that brings full access to YouTube’s large and rapidly expanding catalog of 360-degree video to PlayStation VR. The update will go a ways toward bolstering the free library of content to the company’s well-received headset and should offer content providers an even more compelling reason to shoot and post videos in the format.

Most of the bigger content companies haven’t been shy about playing around with 360-degree video – though the whole thing still feels like something of a novelty for action sports shooters and live events. Perhaps a bit more accessibility will compel them to make it an every day offering.

Speaking of which, you can even watch this morning’s presidential inauguration in 360 via USA Today. Or why not just go ahead and just swim with some sharks?