Samsung is holding a press conference on January 23 to announce its Note 7 findings

Samsung tonight confirmed that it’s chosen January 23 to announce the long-awaited findings into its investigation surrounding the Galaxy Note 7. The date had been floated earlier this week in a story that also pinpointed the root cause of the explosions as, predictably, a faulty battery.

The press conference will be held at the company’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea at 10AM local time, which actually puts it in the afternoon/evening of January 22 here in the States.

The presentation will feature Samsung executives, alongside “independent expert organizations” who took part in the investigation. The company will also be live streaming the presentation on its site.

The company announced during a somber introduction to its CES press conference a few weeks back that it would reveal its findings soon. The exact timing has been the cause of some speculation, but is ultimately timed to arrive just before it announces its fourth-quarter earnings, no doubt in an attempt to take some of the heat off of what it hopes will be one final rehash of last year’s ongoing PR nightmare.

The date also positions the announcement with enough lead time for interest to die down ahead of Mobile World Congress at the end of February — likely the site where Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8, its first major new handset since the Note 7 debacle.