Here’s how to stream Donald Trump’s inauguration

If, say, the presidential inauguration is a thing you’d like to watch on Friday morning, then great news, friend, there are plenty of options. The bad news is that you’ve missed the musical stylings of Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood and 3 Doors Down.

The good news is that the real, good-old-fashioned inauguratin’ doesn’t really get started until 11:30AM ET tomorrow. That’s when the swearing-in starts and the newly minted leader of the free world will address the Capitol, the country, the world and any space aliens with a good enough antenna. At 3PM, a parade will wind its way down Pennsylvania Avenue to his new home.

There’s no shortage of ways to catch the ceremonies, even if you don’t have a TV, and some outlets have fun early 21st century options like 360 video, which is kind of like being there, without all of the inflated parking prices.


ABC will start coverage promptly at 7AM, courtesy of George Stephanopoulos and others.


Bloomberg’s YouTube stream kicks things off at around 11AM.


The unblinking eye of CBS will begin coverage at 7AM through its site, along with a live blog of the action.


CNN is sticking to its site and mobile apps for wall to wall (so many walls) coverage that kicks off at 6AM ET, running all the way until midnight. It’ll pick up again at 10AM the following morning — because it enjoys covering news, but only after a deep, 10-hour slumber.


Doing it as only C-SPAN C-can, over on YouTube.


The network has a bunch of options, including its site, YouTube and various set-top boxes.

USA Today

Because 900,000 people is a lot of heads to try to look over, USA will be streaming the thing in VR.

The Washington Post

The hometown newspaper will be kicking off coverage at 9:00AM ET, streaming via its site, Facebook, YouTube and, of course, The Washington Post app.

The White House

If you want it straight from the source, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be hosting its own stream.


Google’s video service has partnered with a whole bunch of outlets, including NBC, CBS, Telemundo, Univision and The Washington Post. Pick your poison.