Netflix’s The Discovery posits a dark outcome from proving the afterlife exists


Netflix is really tapping into the appetite of its sci-fi audience, with another trailer for a new film that imagines a weird future. In the first teaser for The Discovery, a film soon coming to the streaming service, we get a glimpse into a love story unfolding in a world where Robert Redford has proven the afterlife is real, and suicides are spiking as a result.

It looks kind of like a huge bummer, with a gray palette and heavy emphasis on the corpses and what not, but I will watch it regardless because it is a science fiction film with some heavyweight talent behind it. Also, who am I kidding, I’ll watch it because it’s on Netflix and fits an increasingly broad definition of “science fiction,” which I love so much I’ve actually watched every season of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis [UPDATE: and Stargate Universe, which somehow slipped my mind until I was reminded of this by a colleague].

The movie, which also stars Jason Segel, Rooney Mara and Jesse Plemons, will premiere on March 31, and looks to continue Netflix’s success with making weird, atmospheric sci-fi content like The OA. The Discovery is premiering at Sundance Festival later this month ahead of appearing on the streaming service for all subscribers at the end of March.