Listen to Rentify founder talk property tech, scaling a startup, and why tech press sucks

Yesterday I caught up with George Spencer, the 29 year-old CEO and founder of London property tech startup Rentify.

Prior to Rentify, he worked as a software engineer, in brand marketing, and in strategy, where, in his own words, he “tried in vain to motivate the British public to buy a lot more of a certain wheat-based breakfast cereal”.

Spencer is also quite possibly my biggest Twitter troll, not least when it comes to pointing out almost every typo I make. You’d think he has a business to run.

But I digress.

In our call, we talked about how Rentify is attempting to make life a lot easier for landlords by taking on much of the risk regards managing and letting out a property — with the help of technology, of course. And we touched on how difficult it is to scale a tech startup that still employs a lot of human labour.

But where things got most lively is that Spencer doesn’t like the tech press very much. In fact, he basically thinks we suck, with the exception of his “great friend” James Cook at Business Insider. Actually, I’m not sure I got that bit right. Naturally, I pushed back a little. And then some.

You can listen to the full interview below.