Where to watch Nintendo’s Switch events

Nintendo’s New York storefront already announced it would be offering up a limited number of pre-orders to eager customers who sign up in person. But that’s apparently just the start of the Switch-related news we can expect over the next couple of days.

Tonight at 8PM PT (that’s 1PM tomorrow in Tokyo), the company will be taking to the stage to announce some key information about the upcoming convertible console.

From the sound of it, we’ll be getting more concrete details surrounding pricing timing (beyond the already announced March 2017), along with, hopefully, a sneak peek at some of the titles set to launch with the system and some more information on the hardware.

The company’s set to take the stage again tomorrow in New York for a Treehouse Live stream (the format it’s embraced for the last few E3s) starting at 9:30AM ET, which ought to shed a bit more light on Switch game play.

For those who don’t have enough frequent flyer miles to fly around the globe last minute (and who aren’t already lined up to pre-order), Nintendo will be live streaming the events on  YouTubeTwitch and through the company’s site.