Boosted issues battery recall for its second-generation board

Customers who pre-ordered the new Boosted Board 2 will be disappointed to hear there’s been a recall for the new board’s battery. The Boosted Board 2 had a small general release along with units sent to personalities and publications; it’s those units that are affected.

The most cumbersome process about a recall like this for myself and other riders is that Boosted is requiring us to remove the battery from the board, followed by recording the serial number and submitting it for proof of disposal. The company will then send riders a new battery, which you have to install yourself.

Compromises have also been made to the second-generation boards scheduled to ship by the end of February — they won’t be water resistant. This is a major disappointment, since riding the board through the rain was one of the most exciting features.

In a company blog update to customers, Boosted said the following: “We’re sorry and we’ll do better. Our 1st generation riders have been enjoying their boards for millions of miles without water resistance, and we’re confident that our 2nd generation riders will too.”

That sounds very much like a lame way of saying that existing 2nd-gen riders will shrug shoulders and won’t mind their new boards lacking an expected feature, one I originally praised in our review.