Uber now suggests destinations based on your calendar

Uber’s calendar integration is now going live, surfacing destination suggestions based on meetings and events you have scheduled, provided you’re okay with giving the Uber rider app access to your device’s native calendar service.

The integration works by suggesting your next meeting place as a one-tap destination option in an icon on the primary Uber app screen. It’s a third option alongside the usual “Work” and “Home” set locations, and will update automatically based on what’s coming up in your personal agenda. This also requires that you specify an exact location for meetings in your calendar itself, but with smart data field detectors these often get pulled in automatically with modern calendar integrations like Google’s on Android.

It’s a pretty convenient feature depending on how good you are at managing and keeping a calendar, but it’s also one more way you’re sharing data with Uber, so your comfort level may vary with that aspect of the integration. If you’re looking to enable it, just navigate to Settings within Uber and then select ‘Calendar Events’ to get the permission prompt.

It’s going out to iOS user first starting today (the update may not be showing up yet for all users, however), and will come to Android in the near future.