Nintendo Switch pre-orders will open in limited quantity on Friday in New York

Looks like Friday’s hands-on event isn’t the only big bit of Nintendo Switch business going down in New York City this Friday. The gaming giant’s New York store Twitter account just dropped the news that the eagerly anticipated (though barely seen) convertible console will open for pre-orders at the company’s storefront at 9AM that same day.

The Switch will be available in “a limited quantity,” “while supplies last” — which, judging from the language (not to mention the availability of the NES Classic Edition), isn’t likely to be very long.

Thus far details about the console formally known as the NX have been scarce outside of a few teaser videos and a Tonight Show cameo, though more details regarding its exact release (likely some time in March) and pricing are expected at the joint New York/Tokyo events scheduled for later this week. The New York store will also be hosting a late-night preview for a devoted few — along, hopefully, with some info on when those outside of the great New York metropolitan area will be able to add their names to the waiting list.