The latest Windows 10 Creators Update preview gets a blue light mode and browser upgrades

Announced in October, Windows 10 Creators Update is still a ways off — slated to be released this spring – but Microsoft’s already testing new features galore by way of its Windows Insider preview. The latest edition includes a number of usual updates for the forthcoming OS that are shaping up to make a pretty compelling upgrade.

On the list of new offerings in the latest Preview is a mode that adjusts the level of blue light emitted by the computer, akin to the option offered on some mobile operating systems, that’s intended to make viewing a display easier on the eyes and help the human brain better get ready for bed.

The Edge browser gets a couple of updates as well, including the ability to preview tabs, which should save users some time cycling through all of their open windows, searching for the right page. The browser is also taking the extra step of blocking questionable Flash content, requiring users to click into it, in order to enable. There’s also support for the Payment Request API for easier shopping checkout.

Also, tiles can now be grouped into folders in Start, for a more organized home screen with a drag and a drop – again, akin to what you’ll find in a number of mobile offerings. There are a few more changes packed into the Preview update, available now for Window Insiders.